Night Stalker

It was the spring of 68,  and 10 college students had to go to this foreign country way out in the middle of no where. So they packed up and payed for their ticket and they brought extra money to buy food while they are there. When they get there they are going to stay at a hotel, soon as they arrive cause the trip is about 8 hours and when they get there it will be night time and they will spend about 2 weeks there learning what it is like there. But little do they know there is something they yet have no knowledge about at all, it is the myth of the Night Stalker. The Night Stalker is a mythical creature that roams around in the night hunting down it’s prey, it has 4 inch fangs, 6 inch claws.   Villagers over the years have went missing. Villagers get afraid of roaming around at night cause of what they heard and what they seen.

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