Many species of animals are endangered and some can even use camouflage to hide them selves from predators or prey. The animal kingdom is a wild, wacky place where animals have to be clever in order to survive. One of the most amazing techniques for survival is animal camouflage. (“11 Animals that use camouflage”) These animals use their powers of camouflage to catch prey, to hide from predators, and to catch a moment of peace and quiet. ( Eve Solomon) Animals that use camouflage are the smartest animals out there to me, because they can always take a rest or get a bite to eat when they want to. But beware some are snake that blend into the background and easily strike. Some animals that don’t use camoflauge, and have a colorful skin, it could mean that they are venomous or something that could kill you. the act, means, or result of obscuring things to deceive an enemy, as by painting or screening objects so that they are lost to view in the background.

           Scientist who study on wildlife and nature are called zoologosts. They have recorded at least 20,000 or more species of animals on the planet. The bad part is that human kind is wiping them out and making them go extinct. Many of there habitats are being destroyed by human kind for factories and other things. Species counts are biased by our tendency to study certain organisms more than others. Birds, as a group, have been extensively studied. Scientists believe that the estimated number of bird species alive today (between 9,000 to 10,000) is a relatively good approximation of the actual number (“How many animal species inhabit our planet?”). It is estimated that 27,000 species become extinct each year, about 3 an hour. Since 1996, scientists calculated that 124 types of amphibians, 1,108 types of birds, 734 types of fish, 1,096 types of mammals, and 253 types of reptiles became endangered. This statistics also apply to plants (“Endangered Species”).

          266 of the animal sepcies are endangered, cause man kind is wiping them out and they have plans to recover. There are more than 1,000 or more animals that are endangered worldwide. According to scientist, more than one and one half million speices exist on Earth today. 40% of all animals are considered endangered animals by zoologosts and scientist. A plant or animal species is endangered if it is at risk of disappearing from the earth. When a species disappears, it is extinct, meaning it can never come back. In fact, since a species is not declared extinct until years have gone by since it was last spotted, some endangered species may already be gone forever. Species who are at risk of becoming extinct are called “threatened.” Since 1500, more than 800 species of plants and animals have gone extinct. This is only counting the plants and animals that we know of. (“11 Facts About Endangered Species”). Very few mammals are as superbly adapted to life in the trees as the spider monkey. Spider monkeys have long arms and legs for swinging around in the upper canopies of rain forests, which is where they spend almost all of their time. In addition, spider monkeys have long prehensile tails, which means they can wrap them around branches to serve as a fifth limb. The spider monkey almost never descends to the forest floor; when it does, it’s arms nearly drag on the ground, making it clumsy and vulnerable to predators. High in its treetop home, however, the spider monkey is acrobatic and graceful(“Top Ten Endangered Species”).

          What happens to animals before storms roll in or at the onset of winter? Infrasonic sounds could still be the culprit because hurricanes and thunder produce sound waves at those frequencies. But there’s also the matter of changes in barometric air and hydrostatic water pressure. Normally, these pressures fluctuate slightly. Animals are highly tuned in to any changes beyond those natural fluctuations, which can signal big changes in the weather. These variations can trigger an animal’s survival mechanism. The animals’ instinctive reaction is to seek shelter in the face of potentially violent weather.(“Animal Behavior”) Animals have all kinds  of behaviors, like mating, angry, happy, etc. But most of the time you will see animals mating and some animals mark their territory and one fish makes its own husband by laying eggs and then immediatly hatch and are adult fish without fertilizing them one will live and the others won’t. Some animals behaviors start at the weather and what kind of season it is. Some animals are excited when there are people around like dogs and cats and normal house pets. Other animals like the ones that live out in the wild, really don’t like humans that much, like I guess you could say that a rhinoceraus and hippos, etc.



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