Was halten Sie

The Protector

I had asked my father many things before,
but when I didn’t feel that good,
hes the ones that was her for me when I was down,
He always had faith in me when I said “ I can’t do this”,
He was the one there saying come on you can do it son make me proud,
everything my dad did for me I had done something for him in return,
I call him my hero and if he was a hero he would be amazing,
but he had already had the trust, courage and feelings toward me,
I would also say he is an eagle soaring over me,
watching what I do for when,
for when he is away I still know he cares,
he would be a bear protecting me like a bear fighting and protecting the cubs

Bald Eagle flying off after an aborted salmon pick-up in Eagle River, Alaskaphoto © 2008 Frank Kovalchek | more info (via: Wylio)

My Reflection on Online Gaming

When someone is playing an online game with someone that they don’t know, they probably start asking you things like where do you live?. If you answer there going to tell you a fake place and they can fool you cause someone online is never the same as in person. On the web people can do anything without getting trouble and can basically do anything they want to do to you. They can  always get your information if you give it to them and once that information is given and can never be taken back or if you have a photo that has  a lot of description in it you can’t take it off once it is out there. Once something is out on the web were millions and millions of users and people on the web can see they have already saved it and showed it to other people they know so theres no way you can take it back.