My Opinion’s on Child Abuse

Child Abuse is about the worst anybody can hurt someones feelings. It is very wrong and I wonder if they have ever made a law on people doing this, like if they abuse a child so much they would get executed for it in jail. I also wonder why do they hurt people, or you could have a baby sitter and that baby sitter could abuse your child. I noticed that some people ask if  foster homes abuse some children or feed them badly. One person said “Why do people abuse little children?”, well I say that they do it because they are drunk or they had a child and never wanted one or you can make a bad choice and marry to someone wrong and they didn’t like your child and they abused your child just because they didn’t like the kid. When people abuse children some feel horrible for what they did, some do it to make people mad or they are psychotic and have no feelings toward other people. Abusing is just big thing that happens when someone don’t like one another or has no feelings toward someone and thesen people abuse other people.

My Thoughts on This Topic

I learned about Restraunt Sanatation, and I learned that restraunts are graded like your grades in school basically A,B,C,D,F. But from what I learned all restraunts should be clean and not have trash thrown out all over the place. Restraunt Sanitation is a big problem, because you don’t to go eat a place that has trash all over the ground and smells. And another thing about restraunt santation is that you want the food to be right and you don’t want rats crawling all over the place.  One other thing thing that I have learned was slavery, I wonder if its still going on today still in a country. Slavery is something that you don’t want because it leads to reacism. And all this can bring to a big riot about racism. But we all need our country to work together and help the economy grow with the population. Like in times there times that we need to get alog and help each other when something bad has happen to one another. Say if your freind was hurt from what happened to his house, cause someother people are being racist to him.





When was the word Terrorism first used?


In 1346 attackers on a city threw corpses over the city wall, they were infected with what is called the Black Death(“History of Terrorism”). But after the first use of Terrorism more people used it for more things that got them in trouble or killed.


What motivates terrorists?


Attacks on ‘ collaborators ‘ are used to intimidate people from cooperating with the state in order to undermine state control(“Motivation of Terrorists”). Some other things like people that are democratic or hypocrites are part of terrorism too, by there own way of motivation.


What causes Terrorism?


Things that can cause terrorism is Psychological, Sociological or Religious, for example one person has a religion of Hinduism and another person has a religion of Muslim and that can create a big controversy of whose better and all other little things can come up(“Amy Zalman”).



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Fall of The Spartans

Five supersoldiers known as spartans had fought a war between aliens and the humans it was the year of 2552 when it all had started. The Five Spartans were Commander Carter, Lutinent Commander Catherine, Cheif Warrant Officer Jorge and Lutinent Spartan B312, they all were known as the Noble Six. When one member fell a new spartan would be a reimplacement for the other. The aliens were known as the Covenant when the they had reached the american colony it started a war. The Noble Team was sent out with UNSC army troopers on defensive mission to proctect their planet. After taking out the Covenents base. When a supercarrier known as the corvette arrives the Noble Team is set out to destroy this warmachine that the covenant have created, the Noble team was sent there to detnate a makeshift bomb and blow up this warmachine. This makeshift bomb malfunction and had to be armed manually so Cheif Warrant Officer Jorge stayed back and killed him self while blowing up this warmachine made by the covenant. The Noble Team is thrown out and is saved, later the covenant come back with a bigger fleet and continue the assult on the UNSC. Then Noble Six regroups with the rest of the team in assisting with the evacuation of the planet, during which Kat is killed by a sniper and New Alexandria is glassed by the Covenant. Recalling the Noble Six back to Sword Base, Halsey shows them an acient forerunner and that she believes that it will win the war. The Noble Team members Carter, Emile and Spartan B312 are entrusted with a artificial intelligence Cortana and the informations she carries can not be lost or they will lose the war. While Jun is assigned to evacuate Hasley in a Pelican Dropship. While Carter, Emile and Spartan B312 are hit by Banshee fire in there pelican Carter has been mortally wounded B312 and Emile Jump out and make it to saftey.


Too be continued

My Story

One day a little kid named Little John lived in a little house in a city, and that day he had the greatest dream he ever had. It all just started when he was just playing around with his toys and Little John, had loved playing with the toys he had in his room. He would play mostly with his Lego’s he had, he loved them the most out all his toys cause he can build and build more and more things out of them. That day he decided to build a lego castle by himself, he was all ready to start building. He went to get the peices he needed to do that. Later on he had finished and it and it was time to eat lunch and when he was done he had decided to take a nap, so he went to go take a nap. Soon as he went to sleep, he had started dreaming about a Lego Universe where everybody was lego and his freinds were even in the dream. He had loved his dream, in that very dream he had went to do lots of adventuring with his freinds.  When he woke up he had wish had never woke up, because he had so much fun he wanted to do it again. He even told his parent of how much fun he had.


In 1932 legos were created by a man name Ole Kirk Christiansen, he was a master carpenter and joiner in Billund, Denmark. His firm manufactures, stepladders,ironing boards,and wooden toys.  In 1934 the company has finally took on the name LEGO, which is formed from the Danish words “LEgGOdt” or “play well”. In 1947 the LEGO company is Denmark’s  first to buy a plastic injection-molding machine for making toys. In 1949 the company produces about 200 different plastic and wooden toys, including Automatic Binding Bricks, a forerunner of the LEGO bricks we know today.

History of Animation

The first type of animation was Zoetrope is a sequential images in a revolving drum, when the drums is revolving it is on a stilt and when it revolves it creates an illusion or also known as a animation, but the illusions back then were black and white. The second type of animation was called Thaumatrope it is a disk with one image on each side and each image on the slide twirls together and the images superimpose on each other to make a animation.By mid-1910s animation production in US already dominated by the techniques of cel and paper,cell animation was more popularized in America than in Europe because of assembly line Taylorism that had taken America by storm. Cell Animation was most appropriate to the assembly-line style of manufacturing because it took a whole line of persons working on very specific and simple repetitive duties. On the other hand, in Europe where the assembly-line style of work was not encouraged, clay animation and other forms of animation that required only a few individuals working on the set at a time was more popularized. Because the actual set could only afford a limited amount of individuals working at one time together and no more this style and other alternative forms of animation became more widely accepted. Disney Animations came from the word Disney which  is a cell animation and it is basically were you draw the images one at a time in a onion skinning technique.


Natural Day Life in Germany

There are hundreds of castles in Germany! Some are still inhabited by aristocratic families, others have been transformed into hotels and restaurants, and still others are in ruins. All of them have a charm to them. Quark in Germany does not refer to a concept in quantum physic but to a sort of cheese. It is made usually from skim milk and has the consistency of very thick yoghurt. It is in fact made from non-processed cheese or curd. It does not taste much and is used to make dessert such as cheesecakes. Schools are not really full time in Germany as they all finish at 1pm or thereabouts. So, the kids are sent home for the whole afternoon with homework to do, and as there are more and more families where both parents are working, it creates a bad situation. Kids are often left by themselves, or can be found on the streets because there are not enough after-school daycare spaces available and after school activities. Dogs are kings in Germany: they can go just about everywhere: first class restaurants, trains and buses, even clothing shops and bookstores. They can rarely in a Konditorei or a Bakerei. The dogs even have their own pools. A unfurnished apartment or house in Germany means exactly that, there is no furniture of any kind including kitchen cabinets, bedroom closets and light fixtures. Sometimes there is not even a toilet in the bathroom.

German Sports

Football is the leading team sport in Germany, more than sixty million sport clubs form 170,000 teams. Germany’s top football league are know as Bundesliga. Germany plays other sports too like Rugby and Ice Hockey. Rugby reached Germany but refluent british students, who attended reowned private grammer schools. They all played rugby in spare time. Ice Hockey is Germany’s popular sport and it is ranked behind football. The men’s team is currently ranked 9th in the world. In ice hockey they only have one team and it is a national they are nicknamed the Der Eagle Carriers.The team had won the 2010 Ice Hockey Championships againt the U.S.. They also have many other sports that they play and we don’t play here for example skeleton.

History of Germany

Germany’s history is not clearly defined in geography than the other natural territories in western Europe. In the first century B.C., when the conquest of Gaul makes the Romans aware for the first time that there is an ethnic and linguistic distinction between the Celts (or Gauls) and their aggressive neighbours, the Germans.  Germany has a great history and had gone through many things with its leaders. Like for instince Aldof Hitler had made Germany go through two things a crisis and a war, he had killed millions of Jews and the Holocaust and many other people died for joining with him in  World War 1 and World War 2. After the War and the Holocaust Hitler had commited sucide some people say and Germany had reunified and divided.


History of Kannapolis,NC

Have you ever wondered the history of your hometown, well I have been wondering about the history of my hometown Kannapolis. It has a good bit of history of what I have researched so far. Kannapolis was founded in1906 by James Cannon, the home of the worlds largest textile facilitie in the world. The name Kannapolis came from the referance of Cannon Mills, the came from cannapolis and use the latin word for it and was finally called Kannapolis. Kannapolis is the home the Earnhardt Family, and many other famous people. 

During the 1990s, the new City began to make strategic moves to help foster economic development. These initiatives included the annexation of what was called Area I. This part of Kannapolis borders I-85 and includes much of the area around the Kannapolis Parkway Corridor including Afton Ridge and the Kannapolis Gateway Business Park. And in 1908 after delays due to a cotton panic, the new mill at Kannapolis opens and towel production begins. The company town now includes 1,600 houses built for employees and a YMCA which will serve as a civic center, movie theater, daycare center and temporary hospital.                            History of Kannapolis


Downtown Kannapolis

Downtown Kannapolis

Heroes Of Tuskegee

The U.S Congress and George W. Bush honored the airmen of Tuskgee with a Congressional Gold Meldal, the highest award that Congress gives to heroes who are not in the military.  The Tuskegee Airmen were African American men who joined the Air Force during World War II and flew fighter jets in Europe. While fighting the prejudice and horrors of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi regime in Europe, they also had to fight racism back home. There many things going on back at home at the time for the Tuskegee men that flew the planes in Europe to help US,British and Canadian forces fight off the nazis.  George W. Bush siad “These men are fighting two wars”. Back then the black and the whites were segregated. President Franklin D. Roosevelt set up a training program for black men at an Air Force base in Tuskegee, Alabama. They learned to maintain their aircraft and fly combat missions. The group of men almost 1,000 received no honors from the U.S. government, despite their courageous efforts. Congress finally gave them the credit many believe they deserve. They have fought bravely through the war helping US and our allies.  “It’s never too late for your country to say that you’ve done a great job for us,” said Elmer D. Jones, 89, who served as a maintenance officer during the war. The Tuskegee Airmen were the first U.S. Army Air Corps combat pilots and crews composed of African-Americans. They started as an experiment during World War II when pilots were in short supply. It was believed at that time that African-Americans lacked the intelligence, skill, courage, and patriotism to fly or maintain aircraft. This group of 445 pilots and crew deployed overseas dispelled these racist ideas with their incredible war record. They have fought their lives out that die, they had everything that they needed to do for their country.